All volunteers are requested to attend one volunteer orientation session to  get pertinent information related to serving in a volunteer capacity.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Orientation Meetings
May 6, 2017
10:00 am
Church of Christ at Bouldercrest
2727 Bouldercrest Rd, Atlanta, GA 30316

General Volunteer Information

Please review the committee list and corresponding responsibilities to determine which committee may best suit your skill set and personal strengths.  Then click the button below to submit your volunteer registration.  We thank you in advance for your willingness to serve.

Volunteer orientation sessions will be held in March, April, and May.  Sessions will be held at one of the host congregations and the final orientation session in May will include a on-site visit to the Marriott Marquis.  The sessions will also include sign-up opportunities and instruction from the National Lectureship Executive Staff.  

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Auxiliary Committees and Responsibilities


> Assist with fielding online questions and concerns from lectureship registrants

> Monitor the National Lectureship 800# voice mail and return calls as needed

> Assist with other administrative tasks as needed


> Responsible for assisting the National Executive Banquet Coordinator to facilitate the program according to pre-standing stipulations


> Provide a program to feature noted acapella groups from across the country

> Provide a group assistant that will navigate groups onsite


> To provide an environment decorated in concert with our theme

> Plan for set up and removal


> Provide an environment of fellowship in Centennial Park consisting of youth activity, inter-congregational fellowship, and an enjoyable picnic

> Provide security and a barricaded area

General Lectureship Workshop Coordinator:

> Provide facilitators for all General Lectureship workshops

> Ensure the timeliness of the presenters and the presence of the facilitators


> Responsible for meeting and greeting guest with a warm and friendly welcome

> Be a source of guidance regarding lectureship navigation and registration

> Provide a physical presence at both the airport and hotel for lectureship participants


> Provide assistance to all who are program participants

> Provide hospitality room and service for all speakers

> Manage a general hospitality desk for General Lectureship information

Ladies Empowerment:

> Provide a program designed to empower women to reach their full potential in Christ

> Identify and assign workshop presenters and facilitators

> Organize a functional luncheon (Elect Ladies Luncheon)


> Contact churches to identify liaisons

> Provide updates on the number registered under identified liaisons


> Responsible for the overall look and feel of the Lectureship

> Responsible for the creation and/or oversight and distribution of printed and digital marketing materials and ads via social media, mail, etc. This may include flyers, forms, tickets, name badges, event programs, banners, posters, signage, brochures, t-shirts, and anything else that would represent any aspect of the Lectureship

> Development and creation of infomercials

> Design and layout of Souvenir Book

> Photography coordination

Mass Choir:

> Coordinate and develop the Mass Choir for Keynote performance

> Organize set practices and teach at least 6 songs


> Provide assistance in the eventuality of a medical emergency

> Coordinate with onsite medical team of the Atlanta Marriott Marquis hotel

Onsite Director:

> Responsible for overall management of onsite operations to ensure effective execution

> Serve as a liaison between committees and hosts

> Director will be assisted by the executive committee to manage onsite operations


> Responsible for providing the registration package to all guest

> Responsible for onsite registration

> Implement a registration process that considers efficiency of process time and convenience


> Provide safe environment for all attendees

> Ensure all who are in attendance are identified by a National Lectureship badge

> Secure all entrances into sessions restricting access to only those who register


> Seek and secure major sponsorships who desire premium visibility to our constituents

> Negotiate a contracted agreement between the hosts of the National Lectureship and sponsor


> Navigate members from airport to the hotel, through Marta

> Provide transportation for guest to local attractions

> Be an available source of emergency transportation

Vendors Market:

> Be a source of information and service to the guest vendors

> Aid in navigating vendor table set up

> Provide assigned assistant to every two or three vendors


> Provide worship facilitator and personnel to execute worship services

> Provide personnel for all general preaching sessions


> Provide a youth program designed to educate and facilitate extra-curricular activity

> Ensure adequate personnel for chaperoning and workshop session management

Young Adults/Singles:

> Provide a program for the Young Adult population consisting of interactive sessions and a climatic luncheon

> Provide personnel for the interactive sessions

> Plan a uplifting luncheon with guest speaker