Workshops & Sessions

The 73rd Annual Churches of Christ National Lectureship promises to provide a holistic learning environment designed to uplift, educate and equip. We are offering a variety of study tracks, allowing you to customize your learning experience.

Each attendee will have the opportunity to follow a specific track emphasizing particular content, or navigate through a variety of content categories based on this year’s theme: This Means War: Effective Strategies for Spiritual Warfare (Ephesians 6:10-13).

  • (EFT) Elite Forces Track (Leadership Training) – This particular track focuses on effective practices and strategies of leadership. Although people outside of leadership can attend these as all other sessions, these sessions will focus on how to effectively lead the people of God through Biblical and practical leadership methodologies. The subjects range from church administration to the functions of biblical leadership.
  • (BSBC) Biblical Studies Boot Camp (Theology Training) This track will take the attendee down a road of exploration of various aspects of biblical theology. For the person who is trying to increase their knowledge of Scripture relative to core biblical doctrines, this track is specifically designed to accomplish that goal. Subjects like grace, the church, the Holy Spirit, discipleship, baptism and more will be discussed. A study of the book of Ephesians will also be included, with a focus on explaining the difficult theological terms found within the document.
  • (IT) Infantry Training Track (Ministry Training)This track focuses on equipping the general membership of churches of Christ. These study cells will be designed to increase the skill sets and knowledge base of the individual Christian with the intent of making them an asset to their local congregation. You will be introduced to effective ways to conduct ministry within evangelism, youth development, education, and teaching. There will also be special sessions on how to minister within a millennial culture. Further, there will also be sessions that discuss the role of Christianity and social justice, enhancing the worship experience, ministry relevance and much more.
  • (BT) Basic Training (A Defense of The Christian Faith) These study cells will focus on the practice of apologetics, which is the defense of the Christian faith. It is within these workshops that the Christian will be introduced to effective argumentation when attacked by atheists. The instructors in these study cells will focus on the authority and authenticity of the New Testament, the reliability of the resurrection, and building a case for the creator in a world that denies existence by intelligent design.
  • (FFT) Family Fortification Training (Family Dynamics Studies) – In our current culture, God’s family dynamic is under serious scrutiny and attack. The family fortification study cells are designed to promote the biblical paradigm for a godly family. The study cells will range from a discussion regarding the marriage bond, raising children, and the roles of the husband and wife in the marital context. The study cells will enrich your understanding of the value of family with the intent of encouraging members of the body of Christ to strengthen the family unit.
  • (SFT) Special Forces Training (Preachers Training) – Ministers of the word of God have a tremendous task to feed God’s people through the proclamation of the word of God. Additionally, they are called to be great leaders who impact the growth and development of the church. This being the case, these study cells will be focused on preacher training by providing the man of God with information and techniques to study and preach the word of God. The preacher will be instructed on the art and science of homiletics, textual research, and sermon delivery.
  • Young Adult Track (Afternoon Sessions) – Our young adults are being provided with workshops that are specific to their needs relative to where they are in life’s journey. These sessions will cover the ins and outs of relationships, the danger of sin, and how to find your talent in Christ to the benefit of the congregation. These sessions will be interactive and informative.

3 Session Time Frames  :  Monday – Thursday

8:00 a.m. -8:50 a.m.   |   9:00 a.m. – 9:50 a.m.   |   10:00 a.m. – 10:50 a.m.



Study cells offered have been listed under the corresponding study tracks:

Elite Forces Track (Leadership Training)

  • A Christocentric Model to Church Leadership: Surveying the Training of the Twelve
  • Surveying the Book of Acts for Strategies of Church Growth
  • Symptoms of a Stagnant Church
  • Key Traits of an Effective General: Leadership Principles For Church Growth and Development
  • Moving Vision From Concept to Reality: Creating Momentum in the Local Church
  • Financial Retirement for Service Well Done: Planning for the Minister’s Financial Security
  • Pastor the People, But Run the Office: Effective Church Administration
  • How to Minister to the Wounded Soldier

Biblical Studies Boot Camp (Theology Training)

  • The Place of the Cross in the Framework of Christian Theology
  • A Close Look at Ecclesiology: A Study of the Distinctiveness of the New Testament Church
  • The Place of the Resurrection in the Framework of Our Theology
  • The Place of the Holy Spirit In the Framework of Our Theology
  • Exposition of the Ephesian Letter: Analyzing Difficult Theological Terms (Three Parts)
  • The Place of Grace in the Framework of Christian Theology
  • The Place of Baptism in Christian Theology
  • The Place of Discipleship in the Framework of Christian Theology

Infantry Training Track

  • Preparing Soldiers For Battle: An Educational Curriculum for Christian Growth & Development
  • Ministering to the Sufferers of a Mental Health Disorder
  • Demographic Reconnaissance For Evangelistic Effectiveness- (Two Parts)
  • Developing An Impactful Singing Ministry within The Boundaries of Scripture*
  • Surviving The Hazards of the Ministry: Guiding Minister’s Through the Trenches*
  • Assimilating New Members to the Life of Christianity
  • Enhancing the Educational Ministry of the Local Church
  • Effective Strategies for Church Planting
  • Proven Approaches to Effective Youth Ministry
  • Fortifying the Church in The Event of an Outbreak: Center of Disease Control
  • The Historical Significance of Liberation Theology & Its Present-Day Impact on Social Justice*
  • The Historical Significance of the Restoration Movement and Its Impact on the Theology of Churches of Christ (3 parts)
  • I.A.: Re-Thinking Strategies for Membership Retention
  • Evangelism Made Easy: A Practical Guide to the One on One Method
    * Panel Discussion

Basic Training Track (Apologetics – A Defense of the Christian Faith)

  • Irrefutable Evidence for the Existence of God: Answering the Atheist (2 parts)
  • Historical Christian Evidences (3 parts): The Historical Reliability of the Claims of Jesus
  • Making the Case for the Creator
  • The Authority and Authenticity of the Bible
  • A Defense of the Divinity of Jesus

Family Fortification Track

  • Understanding the Difference Between Headship and Dictatorship in the Family Dynamic
  • The Survival of the Family In a Culture that Seeks to Destroy it
  • Things to Know Before Marriage
  • The Most Prevalent Reasons for a Failed Marriage

Special Forces Training

  • The Process of Biblical Interpretation (Three Parts)
  • The Science and Art of Sermonic Excellence – Overview
  • Bible Study with Bible Software (Three Parts)
  • The Science and Art of Sermonic Excellence: The Power of An Illustration
  • The Science and Art of Sermonic Excellence: The Authority of the Text in Preaching
  • The Science and Art of Sermonic Excellence (Part 3): Crafting the Sermon

Young Adult Sessions

  • Staying Awake Among the Woke: Developing Your Spiritual Attractiveness (Females)
  • Staying Awake Among the Woke: Developing My Spiritual Swag (Males)
  • Saving Private Ryan – Rescuing Men From a Fallacious Definition of Self (Males)
  • Too Good To Leave, Too Bad To Stay (Females)
  • Mission (IM) Possible – Finding Christian Companionship (General Young Adult Session)
  • Casualties of War – The Aftermath of Sin- (Females)
  • Casualties of War – The Aftermath of Sin (Males)
  • Identifying and Using Your Talents in the Church (General Young Adult Session)